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Top 10 Colorado Jobs

Top Colorado JobsThe Top 10 Colorado Jobs are as diverse as the state itself. Many fast growing employment opportunities can be found in the oil and gas industries. These include well drilling operators, petroleum technicians and geologist. Other fast growing careers included in the top Colorado jobs may be found in the medical and healthcare fields. Hiring is on-going for personal home health aides, skin care specialist and pharmacy technicians.

Top Colorado Jobs

The 10 best Colorado jobs also include careers in the legal arena including that of court reporters and medical injury attorneys. While gas and oil may have the most new employment opportunities, the somewhat related area of mining also presents many new hiring positions. These include mining engineers, miners and engineers.

As in most states, some of the top paying and highest paying work involves sales, healthcare, technician, technology and medical work. The top Colorado jobs are projected to keep growing and providing new challenges and opportunities throughout the coming decades.