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Top 10 Alaska Jobs

Alaska JobsWith the exception of Hawaii, there is no other state that workers dream of more than the one that host the Top 10 Alaska Jobs. While it may be cold, it is full of gold. Oh yeah, fishing too. Whether gold mining, working at a top Alaska fishing career, or truck driving as an ice road trucker, the northern most state in America has the most exciting careers in the Northern Hemisphere. Don’t tell anyone that the hottest Alaska jobs may just be that of healthcare nurses. This occupation rates a 10. Image credited to Zela-sxc-hu.

Alaska Jobs

With less than a million residents, no other state has so much land and the most exciting careers like this one. From hunting guide to politician, Alaska jobs are usually top paying if you are capable of handling the finicky and cold weather. For those who are not nurses, there are often construction jobs available. Otherwise, it might be wise to stick to fishing, ice road truck driving and gold mining.