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Top 10 Michigan Jobs

Top Michigan JobsThe resoluteness of the people that hold the Top 10 Michigan Jobs is without question. No place has had more ups and downs during its working history. Known for over a hundred years as the home to major automobile manufacturers, the state is changing. The Top 10 Michigan Jobs are also changing.

We list here the best career choices from Mackinaw to Detroit, Lansing and beyond.

New Michigan Jobs

In our starting position of the Michigan Jobs is that of Machinist, which might be thought of as an old-school career. This employment will actually be in demand, most likely in the newer industry of micro machining. Medical instruments may be an example of the product produced.

Accountant, Musician and Government Administrator are the next occupations on the Top 10 list. Efficiency Consultant and National Guard Member round off the top six careers listed.

Customer Service Representative, while not exciting, will be in high demand. These careers may replace some of the employment lost in the automobile manufacturing industry.

The eighth position on the list is held by Union Leader. Our ninth Michigan jobs position is occupied by an educator, and more specifically University Professor. Education will be the key to future employment opportunities.

The champion employment of Zane’s Top 10 Michigan Jobs is that of Bio Technology Scientist. Perhaps no career offers a more promising future than this one.