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Top 10 Chicago Jobs in Illinois

Illinois offers incredible beauty, vibrancy and the Top 10 Chicago Jobs. If you have ever wondered which careers are the most exciting and desirable, then look no further. New Chicago jobs are updated every day.

Attorney is the first position on our list. Due to the large amount of businesses and corporate headquarters in Illinois, this employment is readily available. Photo is credited to

New Chicago Jobs

With an aging population, the next three careers chosen are in the healthcare industry. They are Nurse, Physician and Dental Assistant. There will most likely be an on-going shortage of workers for these high paying careers. For exciting Illinois careers, one could consider employment as a fire fighter or police officer. Both of these fields are expected to create new positions.

Politician must be included on this list, as government always seems to grow fast. Those with computer knowledge, including computer programmers and networking specialist, are almost certain to find employment.

The top Chicago jobs have to be that of Television Weather Persons. With constant changes in weather to report about, the excellent salaries paid to them, and a chance to be on TV this employment takes the cake!

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