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Top 10 California Jobs

Top California JobsBecoming a pro surfer or a movie star are only a couple of the top 10 California jobs you will find at Zane’s. This page has great access to some other cool California jobs and most of the high tech, high paying careers too.

New California Jobs

With beaches, mountains and sand dunes, the West Coast may be the perfect place to start a new career or find better employment. Salaries in the state tend to exceed those in other states. This is somewhat offset, though, by a higher cost of living.

The list of the best careers begins with the venerable old position of ocean lifeguard. Sure, you have a lot of responsibility, but the views are well worth it. The next best career is that of professional tennis coach, preferably in Malibu.

Plastic Surgeon is followed by the careers of Dog Trainer, Entertainment Attorney, Governor – Movie Star, CEO, Professor, Landlord and Guru to the Stars. Finishing in first place is employment by Hugh Hefner as his new apprentice.

Don’t forget Hollywood in your search for California Jobs!