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Top 10 Most Exciting Jobs

Most Exciting JobsSome people just need to make things exciting. If this is you, then the Top 10 Most Exciting Jobs list has the job you're suited for. Some exciting jobs are easier to get than others. If you want to be a Movie Star, it might be wise to start while you’re young. The fifth most exciting job requires great bravery and good balance. Fire Fighter training photo credited to

Top 10 Most Exciting Jobs

1. Movie Star

2. Reality Show Contestant

3. Building Implosion Specialist

4. Elephant Breeder

5. Motorcycle Jumper -- Daredevil

6. Fireman

7. Space Explorer -- Astronaut

8. Tank Commander

9. Hollywood Awards Show Host

….The most exciting of the Top 10 Most Exciting Jobs is....

.....Live Hurricane Reporter.....

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